Homeroom: Trailer Mac + Oreo Cookie

I went to Homeroom for lunch with my friend. I live in the neighborhood and have watched this place go from not existing yet to a booming restaurant that is always crowded.

If you haven’t been to Homeroom yet, it is a mac and cheese restaurant. It’s really good and you should definitely go!

homeroom oakland

Here’s the outside. There’s usually a line, even on really hot days. I’m always surprised because it can be in the 70s and sweltering hot, yet people are still waiting around to stuff their gullets with creamy mac n cheese… I don’t get it, but whatever lol!

homeroom oakland

I start off with an iced tea. It’s house-brewed and has a floral essence to it… really good.

homeroom oakland

Ahhhhh the TRAILER MAC, my FAVORITE. Mac and Cheese mixed with hot dogs and topped with a generous handful of potato chips. BEST. In the spirit of my fat kid soul, I usually start inhaling this by the forkful – a few chews, but mostly so good I end up swallowing it whole before the heat wears off. I don’t suggest doing this – if you can, try to slow down and enjoy it.

homeroom oakland

OMG, the homemade oreo cookie. I don’t usually crave baked goods, but this cookie is too good to be true! It is NOT a cookie for sharing, get one of your own!

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Homeroom Oakland
400 40th St
Oakland, CA 94609

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