Mixing Bowl Oakland: Farmer’s Scramble

Last Saturday we went to the Mixing Bowl for some quick breakfast.  Generally speaking, I like this place very much, it’s in the neighborhood and I can bring Harley along (you can sit outside with your dog). I ordered the Farmer’s Scramble.  I never had this dish before so I was excited to try something new.  Here’s the blurb from the menu:

farmer’s scramble 9.35
with chard, caramelized onions, bacon, potatoes and cheddar cheese

This is one of those places where you order first and then they give you a number and then you sit down and they bring the food to you.  There was a white barking dog on the patio above the restaurant and some really bad fist pumping techno music blasting out of the windows which was kind of annoying… but the racket seemed to dissipate once the food was delivered and it looked GREAT.

Fryhole | Mixing Bowl: Farmer's Scramble

I was pleasantly surprised with this scramble.  It was extremely flavorful and there was the perfect proportion of egg with the other ingredients (bacon, caramelized onion, chard, potatoes).  The sweetness of the onions went really well with the salty bacon and the chard added a nice extra leafy bite.  The scramble was also nice and hot.  It’s so annoying when you go somewhere for eggs and they come out warm but not hot – not this place.  This whole scramble was nice and super warm/hot not scalding, you could tell it was delivered straight from the kitchen, no warming lamps on this plate!  The scramble even stayed warm through the last bite, I really enjoyed this meal and would definitely order it again!!  It was the perfect amount of food, I left feeling comfortably full.

Fryhole | Mixing Bowl Oakland

Mixing Bowl
4920 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 655-5630

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