Humphry Slocombe – Red Hot Banana Ice Cream

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I went to Humphry Slocombe again last night, my 2nd time in the past week. Talked some friends into going there who had only a “so-so” first experience. I had to help change their minds!

long story short…

for the love of freaking freakshow, go there NOW and get the red hot banana ice cream!! It is seriously one of the best flavors i have ever had in my entire life.

I’m not normally a banana person. Sometimes I eat bananas, but I’m not bananas for bananas if you know what I mean… but I thought to myself, “hey, since I’m here again I should try something different.”

red hot banana ice cream humphry slocome

Well let me tell you, because the photo below does not even begin to tell you how amazing it is… if you like banana, the ice cream is banana flavored. It’s not yellow, it’s kind of an off white color so it doesn’t really look like banana, but it is sweet and creamy and super banana-y! And the red and pink specks… well, those are RED HOTS smashed up and stirred around in the ice cream. So you take a sweet lick of banana, then get a nice little cinnamon kick of red hots, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a crunchy glob of hot cinnamon bits!

Holy crapola, I need to get back to Humphry Slocombe again this week before they run out of this flavor…

humphry slocombe

I really wasn’t expecting to have my mind completely blown into a billion red hot pieces… I’m still thinking about this ice cream and plotting another trip back there ASAP!

Humphry Slocombe
2790 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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