Lers Ros: Chicken Pad Thai

My friends and I went to Lers Ros Thai Restaurant in San Francisco the other night. It was my first time there, which was crazy because I used to live literally a few blocks down the street! Here’s the outside… it’s on Polk street, kind of blends into the rest of the street, I’ve honestly never noticed it before, haha.

lers ros thai restaurant

The place is long and narrow inside with a long community table down the center of the restaurant, a some tables against the wall on either side. I didn’t take a photo because it was getting pretty crowded and they turned the lights down shortly after we sat down.

We ordered a couple of appetizers – the pork shoulder appetizer and what our server called the “phyllo dough”.  We didn’t know what that meant but when it came to the table we discovered they were fried spring rolls. In any case, they were delicious… perfectly crispy and not too greasy. Yummers.

fried spring rolls

thai pork shoulder

Here is the pork shoulder appetizer. It came with a very tangy and spicy sauce…

chicken pad thai

The chicken pad thai! Sorry the photo is sloppy. When it was brought to the table, the food runner said it was “tofu pad thai” so it was given to my vegetarian friend, who picked at it and ate the top off (including my extra egg), until she realized there was chicken in it. Then she gave it to me (above).

Overall, I was very impressed with Lers Ros. It was affordable and super tasty… it suddenly got crowded after we sat down and by the time we were ready to leave, the line was out the door! We got there at 6:20ish and narrowly missed the dinner rush!

Lers Ros Thai
730 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94109

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