Muffins Muffins SF: Vietnamese Sandwich

My bellz was RANGIN today and I wanted to keep my weight loss goals in mind so I decided that my lunch needed to be as filling yet “healthy” as possible.  My first instinct was to go get pad thai, but that isn’t healthy at all hahaha… I went through a mental list of the restaurants down the street when I remembered that Muffin’s Muffins has great vietnamese sandwiches!  SCORE!

Muffins Muffins is a tiny hole in the wall on 2nd between Mission and Howard.  You have probably walked by it a thousand times… in fact it took me about a year before I went in for the first time (for their fro-yo).  Today I ordered the Vientmase sandwich with chicken.  The woman who works there is friendly and pleasant, and a few people came in and out while I was waiting.  They are CASH ONLY!

Sorry the photo quality is bad today – I used my iPhone for this one.  I would usually wait until I have my nice camera with me but I felt like this sandwich deserved to be Fryhole’d.

This sandwich was excellent!  You can’t tell from the pic but it’s actually a pretty big sandwich.  There is a lot of chicken on it and the chicken is mostly white meat which is nice – the only difference between this sandwich and other vietnamese sandwiches I’ve had is this place added mayo (see it near the top).  I’m not a huge mayo freak but on this sandwich it worked because it was put on sparingly.  The carrots could have been a tad more pickled (or maybe just a little more fish sauce) but overall there was the perfect amount of sweet (sauce on chicken), fresh (mint) and heat (jalapenos).

I’m giving my sandy 4 fries!  The only thing holding it back from 5 fries is as I mentioned, it could’ve been a little pickley-er, and also the bread was a just a toasted soft roll, not french bread as in the traditional vietnamese sandwich (I like my french bread on the softer side tho, not the rock hard stuff).  I probably would’ve skipped the mayo too.

123 2nd Street
(between Minna St & Mission St)
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 882-7355

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