New Ming’s Chinese: Orange Chicken w/White Rice

I went to New Ming’s Chinese for some orange chicken… I was really craving hot fried balls of chicken coated in a slightly spicy orange sauce… not the other more “authentic” versions of orange chicken found out here on the west coast (you know, sauteed strips of chicken in an orange sauce).

Let me be completely frank and tell you that I’ve been to this restaurant a handful of times before… each time I go there I’m not sure why I ever decided to eat there – but for some ungodly reason I always go back when I’m craving greasy chinese, because it’s simply the best.  This was one of those days – BUT… it was extraordinarily awesome this time, and you know why?  Because I went long after the lunch rush – around 3pm, and they made it FRESH for me!  Now that I know the secret, I only go there after 2:30, when it’s almost a guarantee that the food is empty behind the counter, and they are forced to make my dish from scratch (or almost).  It really makes a difference, and this orange chicken was well worth it (see below).

As you can see,  I got a healthy portion of rice and chicken, and let me tell you – the chicken was fried perfectly and had a nice crunch, with a nice piece of chicken inside… the sauce was light and a little spicy – not too gooey like some orange chicken sauces.  It was awesome, and totally hit the spot!!

New Ming Chinese Restaurant
641 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-4126
(415) 989-8544

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