Quickly: Almond Milk Bubble Tea

bubble teaI was meeting friends in the city and got there a little early, so I parked my car and went to Quickly for a bubble tea. I ordered my regular, an almond milk tea with the large tapioca.

I love bubble tea! The “bubble” is the chewy tapioca balls that are in the drink, sometimes places call them “pearls” or “boba”. They usually come in small or large size. I prefer the large size because it’s more fun to drink with the huge straw.

My ultimate favorite bubble tea is the almond milk tea with tapioca. Instead of regular milk (obviously), they use almond milk, their concoction of powder (not sure what it is) that gets mixed in and the tapioca balls. It’s kind of sweet and nutty and is kind of gritty.. I think it’s from the tapioca.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite “snack” drinks. It’s loaded with sugar and it’s NOT HEALTHY, even though I got the almond milk flavor haha.

Quickly has a huge menu of tea flavors – you can even get it regular or frozen.

709 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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