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We were in the mood for burgers and recently discovered Weezy’s Shed online, so we drove to Marin with Harley and Penny to have lunch. There are actually 2 locations, I accidentally mapped us to the one in Mill Valley – the original one is in San Rafael.

The thing that makes Weezy’s Shed special is that is specializes in MINI BURGERS,  YAY! This place is awesome because it’s a burger joint that’s healthy! Yes, grass-fed, antibiotic-free organic, local beef. But that aside, it’s awesome because the burgers are 2oz. and you can order more than 1 of them so you can try all the flavors. What a great idea!

weezy's shed marin

Here’s the outside it’s really cute and has a full length covered patio in the front. There was only 1 other person eating there at the time because we went around 2:30pm. I guess that’s a weird hour to eat lunch in Marin.  Better for us though, can’t complain about having the whole place to ourselves!

Weezy's Shed Marin

We sat outside because we had Harley and Penny… the ketchup, mustard, salt/pepper and napkins were on each table looking so cute….

weezy's shed marin

One of the main doorways into the restaurant leads you into a small dining room with a few tables and this awesome cutout seating.

weezy's shed marin

Here’s the menu when you walk in… love how rustic everything looks! Remember, this place is all about mini burgers… between me and hav we ordered the “6-Pack” and got 3 each and a basket of fries. FYI, Weezy’s has a veggie patty for vegetarians. I’m the meat eater so I got beef… went for these burgers:

  • B-Rad Tillamook cheddar & apple cured bacon
  • Contiki Kikkoman teriyaki glaze & grilled pineapple
  • Bloody Hell BBQ & pepper jack cheese

weezy's shed marin

The food came to our table… it looked AMAZING!

weezy's shed marin

Here they are – from left to right is Bloody Hell, Contiki and B-Rad.

weezy's shed sweet potato fries

A large basket of mixed fries – regular french fries and sweet potato fries! I have to say, these were up there with some of the BEST FRIES ever. Why? Because they were thin cut, piping hot, super crispy and fried to perfection. They are fried in rice-bran oil instead of regular old vegetable oil… maybe this has something to do with it? I’m a french fry snob (hence fryhole) and I have to say, these fries RULE to the nth degree, even the burnt cripsy ones (that i usually leave behind)!!

weezy's shed marin

Here’s the inside of the B-Rad burger. The bacon was crispy and the burger was cooked perfectly – a very nice medium well. I was very impressed by the buns – they are of course homemade and triangular in shape. It’s the perfect amount of bread, not too thick or dense, slightly sweet and soft on the inside, toasted on the outside. You can also substitute for a potato bun or they do “lettuce” buns for people who don’t want bread.

weezy's shed marin

Here’s the Contiki burger. This one was my favorite. There’s nothing like grilled pineapple on burgers… the teriyaki sauce was so good and warm… the burger was juicy and the bread of course was so good I ate the extra bits after my burger was gone.

weezy's shed marin

And of course I had to order 2 burger patty’s for my kids!

weezy's shed marin

Good thing I work over there in Marin sometimes, can’t wait to hop back over to Weezy’s for lunch or dinner!

Weezy’s Shed
507 Miller Ave
Mill Valley, California

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